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On-site Lodging Information: (All rooms include bedding and towels)

We will assign rooms at the Firs on a first come, first serve basis. It is the responsibility of attendees and guests to make their own roommate arrangements prior to registration. Per the Firs policy, no alcohol of any kind is allowed on site.



Cabin (83 Beds)
The cabins are cozy and quaint. Think of a simple but clean and comfortable 3-star hotel, and you have the idea. Each cabin has its own bathroom with shower. Some cabins are adjoining, while others are stand-alone. There is one fully ADA-code cabin, and there is another that, while it does not officially meet ADA code, is very close to doing so.
Lodge (50 Beds)
The lodge has a “college dorm” feel, although again, it’s the grown-up version of this experience. Rooms are very large, well-lit and comfortable. Some rooms have twin bunks, but most have queen beds. There are two common areas in the lodge, one of which may be used as a break-out space during the conference. There are shared bathrooms.
Dorm (32 Beds)
Remember summer camp? The dorms are a grown-up version of the rustic cabins that made summer camp such a memorable experience. Some rooms have twin bunks, others have queen beds; a few have a combination. They are clean and roomy. The hallways are narrow, and bathrooms are shared, but they are comfortable. There is at least one private dorm room that would be suitable for a couple sharing a bed.


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Off-site Lodging Information: (Contact hotel for rates)